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AI Powered Screenshot Assistant

The ultimate macOS tool for chatting with AI about anything on your screen.

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Fully supports Mac Intel & Apple M1/M2/M3 with macOS 13+

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  • Feature 1

    Effortlessly perform AI tasks on any content on your screen

  • Feature 2

    Chat with AI about your screenshots

  • Feature 3

    Automatically name and tag your screenshots and AI chats

  • Feature 4

    Automatically filter screenshots and chats using Smart Folders

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Questions & Answers

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What is the pricing?

The base app is free to use. For the Mac App Store version there is a 9.99 USD in-app purchase to upgrade to the pro version which includes additional features. In the Mac App Store version OpenAI API usage is charged via AI credits. 100 AI processing credits are included with the pro version. You can purchase additional AI credits in the app. 100 AI credits costs 4.99 USD.

The non-Mac App Store Pro version is 20 USD and lets you use your own OpenAI API key.

What are the differences between the Mac App Store and non-Mac App Store versions of ScreenSnapAI?

The non-Mac App Store version requires that you provide your own OpenAI API key whereas the Mac App Store version handles OpenAI API billing automatically for you.

We recommend the Mac App Store version as an easy way to get started with ScreenSnapAI if you don't have an OpenAI API key or don't know what this is.

More advanced users may prefer the non-Mac App Store version.

Can I bring my own OpenAI API key?

Yes! For this you will want to download the non-Mac App Store version. You can set your OpenAI API key in the ScreenSnapAI Settings.


Marco 🇩🇪


I like the new capture mode, the chat feature worked fine and the added features are much welcome.

Ben 🇺🇸

Digital Artist

Thanks for adding the capture shortcut, I use the app way more now. The chat feature is also very handy.

Yuko 🇯🇵

Web Designer

The assistant feature is great. Really good for getting inspiration or quickly checking text is correct.

Michael 🇺🇸


Great app. Love the new features. Definitely a unique take on GPT chat apps. I like the minimalist UI.

Pranav 🇮🇳

Web Developer

I've used it for a few days now and it's really good. The chat feature is very useful for quickly getting information.

Patrick 🇦🇺

Community Manager

Really good GPT vision app. The auto naming and tagging is really cool.

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